Separantum: The City of Patches

Session 0: Setting Creation
collaborative world building

Session spent setting some of the basic facts of our setting. Seprantum is an isolated city in a world with only scattered sentient settlements through the rest of the planet. An oligarchy of liches run the city, mostly benevolently. Crime is rampant as a fully functioning legal system has not been a key priority of the liches. Prisons are packed solely by lower class criminal suspects awaiting trial for years at a time, while those with the funds to post bail return home and become repeat offenders, confident that the legal system will never catch up with them.

The society doesn't have true capital punishment, but does have exile as the closest equivalent. Each race has a factional neighborhood in the city, and recently, many of these factions have been trying to recruit outsiders from neighboring settlements and sneaking them into the city.

At the outset of the campaign, a recent rumor has started that the liches have a fortress in the wilderness which houses the entirety of their phylacteries. Several secret societies who want to make their presence known have begun tasking their lower level members with seeking out this fortress so that they can wrest control from the lich oligarchy.


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